Creating an August content calendar

And suddenly, it’s August.

Last week, we ran a workshop with the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre on “How to Grow Your Instagram Following (inspired by Otis the Swan)”. The biggest takeaway we shared was creating content people love, making it shareable, and being consistent. We dove into social media branding, the metrics of it all, and shared our findings from our fairly new Instagram accounts: @otistheswan, @sweatcrawlkw, @kwfamous as well as our experience making content plans for client accounts like @fourallicecream and @flyykf.

Every business is different and maybe following “National Days” doesn’t work for you, but creating a content calendar works for everyone. It’s the starting point to knowing what content to create and helps you to post consistently. 

As part of the workshop, we created a sample August content calendar with ideas of what to post this month and we thought we’d share! Find the sample calendar below.

We love creating content. Share the calendar below with your social media manager and tell us what we missed below. Let’s help each other out!

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Happy August!