Creating a Social Media Strategy with Four All Ice Cream

In May, Ajoa reached out to us to tell us about her new pop-up in DTK that was about to open. She told us she wanted to focus on these areas:

  • Ideas for fresh Instagram content

  • Instagrammable background at the pop-up and how to invite people into the space

We immediately started dreaming about ice cream. Here’s what we did to help:

1. Fresh Ideas for Instagram - we sat down to create a Content Plan. We came up with general themes that Ajoa and her team could use to take photos and create content all summer long. The Content Plan consisted of:

  1. Analysis of Current Instagram Account

  2. Inspiration for a new feed

  3. Themes for a weekly posting schedule

  4. Sample content calendar for July/August

  5. Sample visual layout

Sometimes getting a fresh pair of eyes to review content goes a long way. 

We’ve drilled down the types of content Four All used this summer based on engagement:

  • 1.43% - Pop Up Pups/cat 🐶

  • Murals - 1.32% 🎨

  • Kid Testers - 1.08% 🧒

  • Personas - 0.94% 🍧

  • Where is Four All - 0.63% 🌎

(percentage found by the average of number of post likes divided by number of followers)

While “Where is Four All” is not the best performing type of content, it’s important to let your followers know what events you’ll be at and where they can find you. We also encourage you to play around with different types of content to see what resonates with your audience and keep them checking back to see what you are up to.

2. Instagrammable background at the pop-up and how to invite people into the space

Ajoa had a white wall and needed something STAT. It also had to be temporary - just for the pop-up. 

Enter the sprinkle wall. 

The sprinkle wall tackled both of the problems at the same time. While it got loud and proud over this summer, it quickly became one of the most fun walls in DTK of the summer. 

Creating a Brand Experience

We (Robin + Elaine) thrive off doing things a little differently and encourage everyone to think about the brand experience as a whole. It’s not just a picture of a dog on Instagram or a wall in a store, it’s the experience before you walk in or contributing to something greater than you that makes all the difference.