Life at Workhaus

Written by Elaine 👋

We can work from anywhere in the world but you can find us at Workhaus. 

We wanted to share a little love for our coworking space, Workhaus. After spending more than a year running from coffee shop to coffee shop, I drove myself a little crazy, even writing a poem called “Wifi Passwords of DTK” (see below 🤣). 

As a freelancer, the advantages of working from home quickly wore off. Working from coffee shops is great, but buying food all the time or drinking that third coffee became rather expensive. Going home to make lunch was bound to lead to an “accidental nap” and even my cat wanted me to leave her alone. The only solace I had was working from a client's office every Thursday, which I still do today (Voltera, I love you 😍).


In May, we stumbled upon Workhaus. This was not only a game changer for productivity, but took our business to the next level. We were able to meet awesome people sharing the space who are driven to work on their own businesses, book boardrooms (having a whiteboard... omg!!), and bring our clients to us.

Adam Mawer, the Director of Workhaus Market, has created an amazing culture and has helped us in more ways than he knows. From handing out passes for our Sweat Crawl Summer Pass, creating fun events where we drink Caesars together, and working with Downtown Kitchener on weekly Jam Sessions on Wednesdays (these have been a summer highlight), going to work has never been so fun.

Everyone says “the market is too far” and we thought the same thing at first, but after a day at the office, we realized how amazing this location is. The Yeti, Pupuseria Latinos, the food at the market (open until 3pm everyday), $4 Bahn Mi, Nova Era, and delicious Pho are all just steps away. The Kitchener Market LRT stop is far too convenient and also… isn’t DTK only a kilometer long? Nothing is far away. 

Read about how Robin and I met watching The Bachelor in the Workhaus blog and be sure to stop by to say hi, we’d love to show you our space!

WiFi passwords of DTK: a poem

Hey Settlement Co, “iloveyou”
But I’m feeling “matteroftastekw”
Check out Cafe Pyrus free, we cannot lie:
Show and Tells great for vibes, not for wifi

No password needed at KPL, plus they are cooler than Cardi B
Just grab some Hacienda and press “I agree”

At Communitech you’ll be the hottest Guest
Put Balzacs renos to the test
Or get to City Hall 
And give @berryonline a call

When you need a break from your Mac
Victoria Park has your back   
Here you’ll bloom like a lotus
Without wifi just like Otis 😎