Celebrating 1 year of Robin + Elaine

Happy RobinandElainiversary!

A year ago, we launched robinandelaine.ca. We’ve received a tremendous amount of support and wanted to let you know how grateful we are. You’ve blown us away. 

We’ve had some amazing clients who have not only supported us on design projects, Google Ads, social media strategies, our community events, and so much more, but inspired us to learn and bring our ideas to life. There are SO MANY people that have played a part, mentors that have helped along the way, and those that simply just believe in us. 

You may have seen our KWFamous stickers at Cafe Pyrus, Gifted, or around the Region. To every single person that bought a sticker, sent us a shoutout on insta or just lol’d when looking at it, THANK YOU! We do it for the love, not the money - but please keep buying them, that’d be cool. Thanks.

We’re just getting started on our mission to create powerful brand experiences. We’re helping businesses take a step back and look at their brand strategy from all angles. Whether it’s creating a logo, brainstorming killer social media content, or coming up with a concept for an event, we encourage you to think differently when it comes to your marketing strategy. This summer, we’re booking free consultations every Tuesday at 1:00pm. Book your spot here: https://calendly.com/robinandelaine/free-consultation

Ultimately, this year hasn’t just been awesome, it’s been #KWAwesome. We wouldn’t be here today without you. Thank you for your continued support <3 

Cheers to the next year! 

Robin + Elaine